painting not posting

Here are a couple of updates on several works that you have already seen in progress and a couple of new surprises!

1. Follow Me, the working title for this 16" x 20"painting....

2. We Could All Be 30, the working title of the previously titled work Dad With Floating Hands...

3. Fresh Starts, the newest painting featuring Marc Stone (my favorite husband and person), my niece Aliya, and a young version of my mother. The photos of Marc and Aliya are from our's only taken three years for me to consider painting from them...sometimes I move a little slow. Also this work is on a 20" x 24" canvas, and I really like the dimensions. I am going to have to order more soon.

4. I also painted my kitchen, which doesn't really count...but I did use oil-based paint so I am adding it to this enormous blog post. 
 before is above, below is after

5. Last but not least, I am working on a collaborative project with the wonderful poet Liz Robbins. We are each making work in response to the others. I am making original works of art based on her work, and in turn she will do the same. Our efforts will be part of a 3 weeks exhibition at Flagler's Crisp Ellert Art Museum (CEAM) in the fall. Here are two finished drawings done in response to different poems, titles are shared by both.
the archer, 9" x 12", graphite and white acrylic paint on paper
snow white and the seventh sin, 9" x 12", graphite and white acrylic paint on paper
I have also pulled out a large scale (4' x 5') charcoal drawing on canvas that I started and never completed 3 years ago, I think I can take it somewhere.