End of June Wrap-UP

I would like to introduce two sets of paintings that belong to and are exclusively composed of other people's families. I recently finished both sets of tiny-small commissions and wanted to share the final product. The first is group was painted for the Davis Family and consists 33 paintings that range in size from a 2"x 2" to 4" x 4". The group shot and several individual paintings are below.

Group two is for the Cole Family, recently shipped the second set of 5 paintings their way and wanted to share a few of the results. They are either 2"x 3.25" or 3.25"x 3.25". 

Currently, in my studio the following work has been brewing.....

a new 30" x 40" painting start

the 30" x 22" paper piece taken at the angle to avoid glare

the latest version of Follow Me, 16"x 20"

the finished(?) version of Croquet, 20" x 24"