Painting, Printing, and Reading


I wanted to post the redemption plein-air painting of my mother's sugar bowl from Tuesday evening following the bonsai tree scrap down. I love this little sugar bowl. The top was super-glue back together twice during my childhood, post me clumsily dropping it. Luckily I am a great gluer. I just think it is the sweetest little container ever, and I am so glad that I get to have it in my home.

Tonight is my opening at Fifth Avenue Gallery, and I am really excited to wear a newly altered dress. I always get more nervous than I expect to before social engagements and this week has been no different. While laying awake on Wednesday night, I had a strike of genius to draw on a dress that was unwearable due to a couple of stains. On my trip to buy the fabric marker, I decided to pick the stamp below and proceeded to stamp a pattern on the dress to hide the stains.

Finally, this morning I finished Patti Smith's book Just Kids, which was generously loaned to me. If anyone is thinking about reading it, I would highly encourage them to do so. It was a great book, and made me think deeply about Dave Hickey's The Invisible Dragon, which I am planning on rereading soon.