Opening Reception Photos.

Friday June 3rd, was the opening reception for my show: Leaving the Screen Door Open at Fifth Avenue Gallery in Melbourne, Florida. The opening was great, steady traffic, nice complements, and a few tiny-smalls sold! On Tuesday, June 7th, I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed. The days in-between the opening and the oral surgery were filled with anxious waiting. The majority of the days since have been filled with aimless sitting while watching bad tv, a little reading, and waiting for the glorious chance to eat solid food again. My husband and my friend R were instrumental in keeping me pacified with food and company, thank you! So, without further adieu here are some shots of the opening. Many of them are minus attendees because I forgot to get Marc to take any until we were walking out the door (at least I remembered at all).

Above is my awesome mother-in-law(to the left) having a great laugh with close friends.
Below are two fantastic photos of my sister Martha and I. I think love them so much because we are so obviously sisters, if there were sound added it would be even more comical.