Today I had a friend over... paint from life. Stephanie cranked out a great little painting from 11-1, while I wiped out my painting several times. Some days do not contain that special air of painting magic when everything falls into place, I guess I forgot my painting vitamin today! Here are a couple of shots from our session.

Stephanie's painting:

My second start:

The painting at 3:30:

then I decided to scrap off a little excess paint:

unfortunately, I kept going and ended up with a nice pile of dark green paint and an empty surface:

So I am planning on tackling a redemption painting later today.
 I am thinking about putting my mother's sugar bowl against that blue wall and trying again. Luckily, I did get a good croissant and some very nice painting conversation, thanks to Stephanie. 

In other updates, I did get to finish the pier painting and it was dry enough for the installation this weekend in Melbourne. 

I had a little trouble with the younger version of my mother walking in the painting, but resolved it without scrapping down the entire painting.

I also talked Marc into posing for me on Friday night. He watched the movie Kick-Ass and stayed really really really still, thanks Marc!