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So this past week I dove off the deep end and started a Facebook Page so you can follow/like me there in addition to reading about my work here. Pretty soon this will just turn into a never ending loop. In that spirit, I am including the Portlandia clip that I previously posted on my personal Facebook Page to introduce my "public artist page". Following the completion of this post on the blog, I will probably link it to both FB pages...that's right folks I'm truly in the "technology loop" (the Portlandia reference is not a joke)!

So on that note...here is the progress made on my recent long painting with a birthday cake. Not sure what the title will be. It's 36" x 24". Please pardon the glare, I am mostly painting at night now, so the surface is much more difficult to capture with my iphone.
Additionally, here are two new tiny-smalls...
and finally 2 new drawings from poems. Both drawings are graphite and white acrylic paint on 9" x 12".