end of summer, fall starts

Technically we still have until September 22 until the first day of fall, and despite the 80 degree temperatures and tropical rains, in my life, fall has arrived. School is back in session, and I am excited to start teaching again. I introduced a painting class this afternoon and will meet with a bunch of new freshman for drawing 1 tomorrow morning!

I NEED to paint through this semester in a serious way if I am going to meet upcoming deadlines. With this in mind I have enlisted Marc to keep me in check, "tell me to paint everyday" and to be relentless about my evasiveness. Last night was a lost cause. However, Monday night and tonight I got it in gear. Below are the contents of all things brewing in my studio currently (with the corresponding timeline shots).

On a side note, I have been listening to Fiona Apple's latest album, The Idler Wheel, obsessively. So the work below was almost exclusively made under this album's spell. Before the artwork, here is my favorite song...right now.

Now for the artwork:
a new 20" x 24", oil on canvas

a new 36" x 24", oil on canvas

a new little dog, 16" x 12", oil on canvas

Finally, several drawings based on poems by Liz Robbins. 
Please excuse the quality of all the images, they are iphone shots taken after dark. Specifically, I made the drawings black and white to eliminate the color distortion present in the original photos.