1 month later

So I know that blogs are the most exciting when the creator actually updates them more frequently than once a month. As a rule, I get bored if someone hasn't updated the blog in a week, so my apologies for the delayed update.  However, I do have some paintings to share, so without further ado here they are.

Surprisingly, I have continued to shift several of the paintings I deemed complete this summer:

the figure on the right, my mom, now has a ribcage

and once again, I changed the background of the wooden palette painting. As a sneak peek this photo contains one of the newer paintings I have started (possibly completed) and below is

the finished tiny sandbox painting

Here is the new stuff:

The ocean painting, from above, day 3 when I realized my mom was too high.

The start to a new living room painting, and last but not least, some source photos and a progress report on the living room.