truly ongoing

I picked up my paintings from The Floridian (you should eat there if you still haven't) last week to have them all in house when Wynn Bone stops by this month to switch out paintings for his gallery, Wynn Bone Gallery located in Annapolis Maryland. If you can't make it to Annapolis visit the website here: With that said, two paintings have already hit the proverbial chopping block and have been shifted. I think it is so funny how something can seem done until you see it in another context or in front of certain people. In the same vain, I was really lucky to have my friend and colleague Leslie ( over yesterday and she gave me a really fast critique of the crowded living room painting. I subsequently made several changes based on her comments, that I think really improved the work. So with that said here are some current studio shots:

a new background and some other information

 a bigger headed brother, and some hand and foot alterations

the newest in the crowded living room

Last but not least, because I am making my painting 1 class read Inside the Painter's Studio by Joe Fig (which is really a fantastic read) I thought I would give a couple of studio shots:

the always adorable shelby, aka booskin roo

the palette after painting tonight, with 2 big blobs of red that won't get used