in the studio: weekly update #5

Currently, my weekends and early week are the most productive. Last Saturday and Sunday, I was supposed to finish two paintings for the upcoming Flagler Faculty Show at the Crisp-Ellert Museum, opening in March. Instead, I started two paintings. This weekend, I am hoping to wrap-up loose ends, but I need direct I hope the clouds clear soon. In other news, I think I finished the coffee-pot/kitchen counter/sans-coffee-pot painting by allowing a kitchen towel to take the place of the coffee maker! See this weeks progress below:

A 10" x 10", oil on wood panel, started from our pile of folded laundry in the guest room:

Evening light on my bedroom's curtains, one of my favorite things:

A 10" x 8", oil on wood panel, featuring the pendant over my kitchen counter, at night. 

The Coffee-Pot/Kitchen Counter becomes the Sans-Coffee-Pot/Kitchen Towel, 10" x 8", oil:

Finally, a figure study that I completed in my figure painting class using a palette knife, and the tiny-small commission that has taken a couple of revisions (now ready to ship).