weekly update #2

Continuing my personal challenge to post one update a week with at least 5 process shots from my studio activities the week before. This week was less productive than some but I managed to squeeze in a little studio time. Here we go.

I worked on this commission piece, a tiny-small 2"x 3.25", oil on mdf panel.

 I think I finished this painting of my bedroom doorway, 10" x 8", oil on wood panel.

Here is the first pass and the final painting (all iPhone photos, my apologies)

I also started a new 10" x 10", oil on wood panel, landscape of the empty lot across the street from my house. The light is spectacular from 4-5:30 right now, obviously there is still lots of greenery in Florida this time of year. 

Hopefully, I will manage to squeeze in more time next week!