Hooray for Cider Press Review

In other REALLY EXCITING news...one of my paintings is going to be on the cover of Play Button, a book of poems written by my colleague at Flagler College, Liz Robbins. Liz's poetry is exemplary. I heard her read excerpts from her previous book of poems, Hope, As the World is a Scorpion Fish, and fell in love with her writing.  Liz's blog can be found here. Additionally, a link to a wonderful interview can be found here, and two poems can be read here.

To read the Cider Press Review link shown below click here. I am extremely excited to have my painting on the cover of Play Button.  

The cover painting, Beach Standoff, was created specifically after reading the manuscript for Play Button. I knew that I wanted to make a painting that captured the tension found in so many of Liz's poems. I hope the image does the work justice. Congrats to Liz Robbins, and a special thanks to her and Cider Press Review for including me in the process.