Crowd/huddle/Group Paintings

Recently I started setting aside photographs with groups of people clustered around each other, as opposed to lined up parallel to the photograph's edge. I love the way they create an intimate space and a sense of anticipation. So I decided to paint a couple of single source paintings. I also recently bought some NEW brushes with long handles that range from 1/2" -1 1/4", I think they are game changers. I am really loving the way they move the paint around. Below are the two paintings:

The top one is getting closer to being finished. I am always thankful when a hunch turns into a start. Here are a couple of links to the brushes:

Also I purchased a copy of Daivd Shevlino's DVD Painting Loosely. I think watching other painter's paint might be one of my favorite activities, outside of talking about painting, looking at paintings, and eating cheese.