rePainting and painting as knitwear

I have been up to lots of good, but the kind that causes headaches. I just sent off a group of paintings that will be included in a Solo Exhibition in Annapolis, MD, at Wynn Bone Gallery during the month of September. I will share more information about this in the near future (I promise). As a sneak preview, the title is 92 Days of Summer. With less time than I would have liked, I decided to change two of the paintings in my stock by essentially repainting them. The results were very similar paintings with easily definable differences. Check the out below:
old  neighborhood lake
new Neighborhood Lake

old Playing in the Surf

new Playing in the Surf
The paintings in my house should grow accustom to the notion that no painting is safe, I seem to be constantly tinkering with everything. Continuing that thread, I am currently working back into the Carport painting.
old Carport
Current in Process (again) Carport

Outside of repainting paintings, I also have some very exciting news in relation to the ocean painting, Playing in the Surf, located above. My good friend Kristine Orme used an image of the painting in progress, from this blog, as color inspiration for a really amazing versatile knit garment for her MA thesis. She was nice enough to send me color swatch:

The dress/skirt/cape/everything looks like this:

To see more details of this amazing outfit click HERE or