one week later...

...I am updating some of the progress in the my studio. In addition to this work I have many new tiny-smalls that I will post once I have a big batch done. Currently there are 9 new tiny paintings, I am hoping to have another 50, 60, or maybe more done by the end of summer. I kinda imagine them as a little army of paintings...lining them up reminds me of being a little kid a setting up rows and rows of little plastic toys. I like to think of them in groups because they begin to fulfill my need to collapse timelines and mix moments from the past. However, I didn't take photos of those this morning, so lets move on to what else has been brewing in the studio over the last week.

After a great suggestion from my sister-in-law, I am going with Afternoon Snack-Time for this painting. I am calling it done today...but that is always open to change.

From the previously posted drawing of the Sunbathers in the Park, here is the small color study and resulting painting. Again, I think this one maybe done as well...but only time will tell.

Due to the high volume of green that I have mixed recently, I also did a very characteristic move of painting on a painting that has been "complete" since last fall. The original painting titled Green Lawn is still green, but a different hue and chroma. I have no idea if I actually like it better, but sometimes I just can't stop myself from tinkering with things. 

                                      before                                                  after

Finally, I started the drawing for a new 24" x 36" indoor painting, taking a break from that crazy hue GREEN! (Imagine me shaking my fist..."GREEN")

I am pretty excited about this drawing, I have transformed my sister's drinking cup into a string-telephone and constructed a tent in the living room. Much to my sister's chagrin this space is loosely based on my mother's parent's living room (to us Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw). I am planning on painting in wood floors and have added wainscoting to the walls, taking away the wood paneling. She always mentions the changes I make and points out where there is missing furniture or a fictional outfit. I enjoy this greatly, because she is the only person who notices (and cares about) the liberties that I take with the photographs. Below is the final photo to post, it is the canvas that is about to get the living room drawing projected onto it. I switch up the canvas color, and am going with a neutral middle tone gray this time.