NOVEMBER SHOWS: something to be thankful for!

This month, my work is the featured Solo Exhibition at Gallery GrayGallery Gray is dedicated to curating and presenting the work of emerging and established artists in an online context.  

The Exhibition is titled We Are Always Here, and features images from my recent paintings. 
So, if you have a moment, please check out the website and my paintings.

This month the paintings from above will be on physical display at THE FLORIDIAN in Saint Augustine, Florida. 

The work will be up for the First Friday Artwalk on November 5th from 5-till. Terri Gamble, local singer-song-writer and friend, will being playing lovely live music. If you are in town and want to see the work, hear the music, or just have an amazing meal, please stop by!

THE FLORIDIAN offers innovative Southern Food made with local, seasonal and sustainable ingredients.  THE FLORIDIAN is located at 39 Cordova St. REALLY, THE FOOD IS AMAZING!


This painting will be a part of Figuratively Speaking- A Group Exhibition, opening on November 6th at Village Gallery in Montgomery Alabama. The exhibition is curated by EYA: Emerging Young Artists. 

As a side note:
For those of you reading this for a second time, my apologies! I am trying to be better at getting the word out so I am blogging and emailing, which equals some overlap. However, if you are sad that you are just finding out about my exhibitions this way and would like to be added to my mailing list, please contact me. 

As a second side note: 
I would like to give the AWESOME MARC STONE a shout-out for being really supportive, patient, and generally fantastic.