making headway

As a naturally doubtful person, the recent positive feedback (which I am very thankful for) on the small works from life made me start to second guess my family/photographic-based work. This act forced me to compare the two, and as a result several differences became apparent which I am working on reconciling. One, in the backyard painting I was losing the shifts in value and chroma that would help to define space. Two, mark making (easier on a 2" x 3" space, tiny marks=large marks) was getting lost, so I  solidified the paint into bolder decisions and larger marks today.  Finally, after painting my dog twice (the first two times I have ever attempted so) I decided that both practices inform and enhance each other... or that is my cop-out so I can do both with some self assurance. NOW FOR THE EVIDENCE!

2"x 3" oil on panel

4" x 6" oil on linen

30" x  24", oil on canvas, unfinished